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Spike/Dawn Game 1, post 18 - Holding On To Forever
Spike/Dawn Game 1, post 18

I start fiddling with the front door, trying to keep my mind and my hands busy. I haven't looked around for tools. I'm working on the hinges with my bare fingers. At least I can employ my super human strength for something useful.


I'm fighting to keep away the thought that I should take advantage of the situation, since she will hate me anyway for going as far as I already went. I can still smell her in the hallway, as I toil away fixing the door. It won't hold to anything more than a soft knocking, but it won't remain open, an invitation to burglary.


I'm standing in front tree bench that still holds the imprint of her body when I hear her coming down the stairs. I step away from the improvised altar of my lust, doing my best to smooth all lewd thoughts from my countenance even if it is impossible to erase them from my mind.


“Let’s get this over with.”


Don't say anything stupid! Be cool. She's right to keep her mind to business. Yes. The best would be to get it over with. There's still a chance she might still want you afterwards. Or not hate you enough, so you can win her over.


Keep it simple. Say okay. Alright. Sure. Or just turn around and open the door.


"You look beautiful."


Bloody brilliant! What's next? You're going to take her hand? Move! You're still staring at her. Yes, she is beautiful, wank off thinking about her when you're back on the island, but for cryin' out loud don't stand there! Make a smart ass comment if you can't move, but stop acting like a dork!


"A little on the thin side. Wouldn't be enough of you for a cannibal to cover a small water biscuit."


Idiot! I'm so flustered I reverted to the speech patterns of the time when I was alive. Any moment now I'll say effulgent!


"Let's go," I say turning around.

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From: auburnhaze1 Date: October 6th, 2006 02:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
I carefully make my way down the rest of the stairs to the bottom landing, still lightheaded from the blood loss. I watch quietly for a second or two as Spike continues to fiddle with the front door, acting as if he didn’t hear my declaration. He will never be able to repair the thing; he pretty much shredded it to bits when he burst through it.

He turns to look at me, "You look beautiful."

I want to laugh out loud at the comment. He’s trying to ruin my life by taking away the only thing I have that I truly know and at the same time he says something like that, something that is suppose to make me smile or feel better about myself.

It does neither.

"A little on the thin side. Wouldn't be enough of you for a cannibal to cover a small water biscuit.”

His attempt at humor. I see nothing funny in his comment. I’m beyond being amused at his snarky remarks or stabs at humor. I’m just tired and want to be done…done with it all.

I stand quietly, sadly looking at the man I love and am only moments away from losing, forever.

"Let's go.”

I fall behind Spike and follow him out the door to his car. There is nothing left for me to say.
spike_survives From: spike_survives Date: October 6th, 2006 04:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have to literally hold the door open for Dawn to come out of the house, and then make sure it stays closed, and apparently locked.

My previous foray in the world of the semi-occult earlier this week left me with the knowledge of several magic shops. They had been of no use to me when I was looking for a psychic, but they're dead useful now. Still, she knows more about this city than I do and she may already have some place in mind.

"Can I drive?" I ask her, holding my hand out for the car keys. "Or do you want to?" I add, lowering my arm.

I don't think she's strong enough to drive, but I don't want to make her feel even worse than she already does by showing that I think she's weak.
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